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Members of ProvParents should be:

  • Residents of Providence

  • Responsible for children who have, are, or may one day attend a district, charter or public pre-K in the city or one of RI’s public higher education institutions

  • Aligned to ProvParents’ values and willing to have ProvParents advocate for policy and speak on your behalf.

As a member, you’ll get:

  • Fellow parents who will be your experts on policy and issues relating to education in Providence

  • Coordination of parent actions to demand excellence from the public education institutions serving Providence

  • A platform to amplify your voice

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5.12.19 Take RIDE’s survey to make your voice heard as our new Commissioner completes a review of the Providence public schools to “issue a public report of its findings, which will outline what they discover to be the common themes and consistent roadblocks reported in the district.” Information about the review process and public meetings can be found at

5.30.19 Get smart on the big package of education reform legislation by joining ProvParents at an open dialogue for parents. RSVP here. Then write your legislators with your thoughts on the bills. Our Legislation page includes links to the bills and info on our testimony from May 15th.