Demanding excellence from the public institutions educating Providence


We are parents and caregivers demanding excellence from the public institutions teaching the children of Providence, RI.


Our Values


Our Kids, All Kids

We advocate for our children, our neighbors’ children, and all students across Providence.



We reject an educational system that fails children of color and commit to confronting bias in our own work.

Learning First

We believe all children can learn at the highest levels. Their futures depend on their academic achievement. That’s what school is for, and that’s what we focus on.



We act now, and demand our leaders do too, because children can’t continue to wait for perfect solutions.


2019 Policy Platform

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Equitable Funding

Increased school funding that accounts for the needs and assets of multi-lingual learners and newcomers

Cultural responsiveness

Anti-racist classrooms, with a faculty that is increasingly diverse and universally trained to recognize, denounce, and resist the forces of racism and implicit bias

Curriculum and Content

Guaranteed access to highly-rated, grade level curriculum for students, and a long-term commitment to the Common Core State Standards and RICAS so the goal posts don’t keep moving

instructional time

More high quality instructional time that includes students and teachers in the classroom every day

College and Career Advising

Equitable college & career advising that sets a standard of excellence and communicates to all children that their education is meaningful and their futures full of possibility

Providence Parents Demand More
All families should feel confident their public schools are worthy of educating their children. We are no longer taking that as a matter of trust.
— Andrea Mazie and Ramona Santos, Providence Journal 2.12.19

Get Involved

Join ProvParents. Learn more about educational outcomes for students in Providence. Access resources to advocate for policy changes. Come to a parent meeting. Do something - the kids can’t wait any longer.


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